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The evolution of cacao from seedling to flower to chocolate
It takes years and patience to grow a cacao orchard.  

And, it take a lot of love and hard work to harvest, ferment, dry, roast, winnow and melange cacao into chocolate.  

Our goal is to be able to build an on-farm certified kitchen so that we can stay on our farm.  Everything in one place.  Efficiency of time and space.  The circle of life and like that.

 We have spent the last 4 years honing our chocolate making skills.  Unfortunately, we can't sell our chocolate if it's not made in a certified kitchen and leasing a kitchen 10 miles away is cost prohibitive.  

Our passions in life are flowers and chocolate. 
We just love to explore flavors and ganache and 
molds and the limitless ideas and combination chocolate allows.

Our dream is to be able to offer them both to you,  
grown and nurtured from the same piece of earth.

If you are a chocolate lover like we are we hope that you will find our project worthwhile and help us meet our goal.

We are offering assorted cacao products and 
promotional items to fund our kitchen. 

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Help Us Raise Money For Our On-Farm Certified Kitchen
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