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Roasted Cacao Nibs
Big Island Chocolate Co. cacao nibs dried and roasted to perfection.
Roasted Cacao Beans
Fresh Cacao Pods
Big Island Chocolate Co. dried & roasted whole cacao beans.  
Big Island Chocolate Co. whole fresh pods.  Grower's Choice & subject to seasonal availability.
Hot Chocolate Mug
Enjoy the tastiest hot chocolate with your very own Big Island Chocolate Co. hot chocolate mug.
BicCo Men's T-Shirt
BicCo Women's T-Shirt
Show your support by wearing this comfy Big Island Chocolate Co. t-shirt for Men.
A slightly more form fitting and flattering Big Island Chocolate Co. for the ladies.  Super soft and cool and comfortable with a scoop neck.
Help Us Raise Money To Build Our On-Farm Certified Kitchen
by purchasing any of the items below, Mahalo!
The Chocolate Orchid
Onc. Sharry Baby 'Sweet Fragrance' is known as 'the chocolate orchid' because the blossoms smell just like chocolate.
Sun Dried Cacao Beans
Big Island chocolate Co. fermented and sun dried beans - not roasted.
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